Inspired Minds Testimonials

Maddison McIntyre

The people at Inspired Minds have led me to where I am today. I began taking lessons with Heather in 2003. This year, in 2019, I will graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from MICA and next year, with a Masters in Teaching Arts. 

My gratitude for Heather and everyone at Inspired Minds is still with me and I take it with me in the work I do. With this influence, I have always had an appreciation for working with people through art making. Currently, I teach senior citizens a weekly art class. This type of work makes me feel at home. 

Heather welcomed me from the very first trial class and continuously has open arms for me. For the past seventeen years, Inspired Minds has had a home for me, whether it was attending weekly classes, assisting in younger classes, visiting to say hi, or dropping in on a class just to make art again where

I first learned what it was like. I still look at photos on facebook in awe of the talent these children are led to find and at the true, genuine personality of everyone who is a part of Inspired Minds. Sometimes when I am in my studio, late at night trying to finish my thesis work, I can still hear Heather’s words from when I was seven, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Melanie Weiner

Inspired Minds has set the tone for my career as a designer. It propelled me to build and incredible portfolio to go to an amazing university with a leading edge design school and incredible alumni network. 

I was able to apply my artistic abilities that I learned at Inspired Minds and apply them to my core studio classes in school and I later graduated at the top of my class! 

I to this day show work from my time at Inspired Minds on my website, and having a fine art background has made me stand out among my peers. 

I graduated from Syracuse University’s School of Design in 2016 — I now work as an in-house designer at sweetgreen in Los Angeles, California.

See my fine art and design work here: