How & What

Paint, Draw, Sculpt!

Drawing - Students will learn how to "draw what they see" using pencil, charcoal and pastel. They will learn how to take what they see and put it on paper. They will learn shape, form, proportions, and values.

Painting - We explore all areas of painting including oil, acrylic, & watercolor. Students will learn how to properly use a paintbrush and how to make proper brush strokes and blending techniques.

Sculpture - students will learn how to make three dimensional objects learning form, positive and negative space. We will use a large variety of materials including traditional clay sculpture to paper mache and recycled materials.

Printmaking - Students will explore from styrofoam boards to linoleum to collagraphs! We experiment with different types of paper, cardboard, ink, paint and collage in this fun art form.

Illustration - Students will learn to develop a character from their minds and develop their worlds and how to put in on paper! They will develop important skills such as proportions and light and shadow and work in a variety of media!


Our classes run for 12 week sessions to allow for students to have time to learn concepts and develop and complete complicated art pieces. 

Our classes are built around age and skill level. Our pre-school age classes are 45 min once a week, our beginner Mixed Media classes are an 1 1/2 hour once a week, our intermediate and teen classes are two hours once a week and our adult studio classes are 2 1/2 hours once a week.