Inspired Minds
Alena Kumta…

Alena Kumta is a fine artist who is currently studying in the Fine Art BFA program at the School of Visual Arts. She started her journey to becoming a fine artist at Inspired Minds, and is now proud to be teaching in the school where her education bloomed.

Alena began classes at the studios in her junior year of high school, where she was motivated and prepared to enter the art world. She has been working with children for over seven years, a good portion of those years as an assistant at Inspired Minds. Alena is excited to be able to instruct others in art making with the knowledge she has acquired from Inspired Minds and SVA. She lives and works in Holmdel (NJ) when she is not in Manhattan for school. Her current works are predominantly based in fiber art, sculpture, watercolor, and printmaking, but she is comfortable in a vast range of mediums.